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4 pitfalls to avoid if you’re “open to work”

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

That little green border around your LinkedIn profile pic is a great way to let your network know you’re, well, open to work. Of course, that’s never the whole story. And where companies can’t see the full picture, they’ll colour it in themselves.

In my conversations with companies looking for the best talent, I’ve heard every reason not to hire someone under the sun. And, unfortunately, even something as innocuous as an “open to work” badge on your profile picture invites its share of pitfalls.

So, here are some of the most common – and how you can avoid them.

“If I want you, I’ll find you.”

It’s fair to assume that your openness to a new role isn’t the only thing companies are looking for. So, maximise your chances of standing out in their search results by maintaining an active profile. Post a bit about what you’re looking for next. Keep building your network. And share articles that have interested you (like, say, this one). It all helps you climb the search results.

“Do they really want to work for us?”

Open to work can mean up for anything. For companies, it can be a turn-off – they want to know that you want to work for them. Start by following the companies you think would be a good fit. See who you have in common. And reach out with an email or a comment to show you’re really interested – that this company is the only one for you.

“Availability is second to ability.”

Most companies would rather fill a vacancy right than fill it right now. If you’ve got time to add a green border to your picture, you’ve got time to make sure the rest of your profile is up to date and pulling its weight. Hit up your network for testimonials. Fill in some information about each role you’ve had. And if you’ve got an external portfolio, make sure it sings.

“We’re not a charity.”

Casual update or cry for help? The last year has thrown many of us a career curveball. But in between doing everything we can to look after ourselves, there have been plenty of instances of people looking out for each other, too. You know companies aren’t charities – and they should know you know that. Still, I’d say any company that can’t understand the value of compassion is one you probably don’t want to work for anyway.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re updating your LinkedIn profile. If your 'open to work' badge is the bait, your skills are the hook. And a recruitment specialist like Industrious Code can help you reel the right companies in… Get in touch with us to learn how.

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